Storymaker Bronze: A Microgame

By Ogion

One of the simplest games to make is to ask the player to type in words and then echo those words back within a story, MadLibs style.

The key commands to learn are: DISPLAY and LAYER OPEN (which set the screen resolution), INPUT, CLS (CLear Screen), and PRINT.

A variable stores information that the program can use in many different ways. This game uses two types of variables: string variables, ending in a $, to capture text; and a numeric variable (in this case, AGE), to capture a number. To print out a variable within text, join items together using the plus sign +: “A “ + COLR$ + “ “ + MONSTER$. Note that variable names must start with a letter and can’t be the same as a command (since there is a COLOR command, so COLOR$ is not a valid variable name).

Try changing the story and the input requests to create your own program.

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