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53 thoughts on “Roadmap and Feedback”

  1. We need more gamepads! You should have just 1 parameter to not stuff up old games but have more numbers; GAMEPAD 0 would be off and GAMEPAD 1 would be a d-pad and two buttons, but there’d also be GAMEPAD 2, which would be two d-pads, one on each side, GAMEPAD 3 would be four buttons, two on each side, and GAMEPAD 4 would be a d-pad and two buttons on each side for two players! Please add this!

  2. for TEXT command ….
    Add one more outline

    0 No outline (default)
    1 Shadow
    2 Normal outline
    3 Strong outline
    4 Block outline

    A block outline is a solid square color background, such that if you drew the text tightly together you can completely block out layers below…. kinda like the PRINT command does now .. :)

    Or…. provide LOCATE for print…..

    Although TEXT is faster than PRINT… I can work with either…


    In any event, thanks so much for this wonderful app :)

  3. Here is an idea…

    Now, in the news section, you have two options, to download the code, or it just view the code…

    How about adding a “TEST PLAY” option…

    This would allow someone to temporarily load and play a game without actually saving it to a folder in their LOWRES app …

    If they like it, they choose to “DOWNLOAD TO FOLDER” for a permament copy..

    I like the SEE CODE option as I can quickly look at demo codes and if it’s small can quickly see and understand it without having to even run it…

    However, larger demo codes i would like to play it but not save it… which means I have to save, play, then delete each time…

    An option tom test play without a permanent save would be convenient…

    It may be too much trouble to bother with, But if possible it would be nice :)

    1. Yes, I actually want to do this, but there is a hidden problem: Most people would run programs only this way and download only if they want to modify them. This makes sense and would keep the “My Programs” screen clean. But then the “downloads” counter would lose it sense, it wouldn’t say a lot about the interest in the program anymore. This could be changed to a “played” counter. I may start a discussion in the app’s forum about this.

  4. You make a good point, getting feedback on your game, along with the discussions, is for me a HUGE bonus, as we interact it give me energy… :)

    I’m not sure about the mechanics of things on your end, but could you track the number of times the code was accessed, be it for display, play, or,download?

    It makes sense not to complicate things with too much data, so one counter would be best, but really a download count doesn’t necessarily weigh more than a play or even a view as someone may download to test it, but may decide not to keep it…

    Here is another thought, if you only track PLAY then wouldn’t you want to tally all plays, even if if the same person plays it?

    It gets tricky the more I think about it…. but i think a PLAYED counter that adds all plays, including repeats for the same player, but excludes any play by the author (which would prohibit artificially inflated feedbacks) might strike a good balance …..

    So, lets say only 2 people are playing your game, but they play it every day, by not allowing to add to the score but once would make a game maker think there is little interest…

    Now, lets say that experience might tell a game maker that a score of only 12 shows some interest, but a score over 50 might indicate the game has a few fans that choose the play option over download…

    And of course for players who choose download, they still have the option to LIKE the game which offers the game maker good feedback and encouragement …

    Wow, maybe your Idea for a forum is probably a good idea, I’m getting dizzy thinking about this, when I could be getting on with my games :D

  5. REM can somtimes be added on the same line at the end of a real code line and run without error, and sometimes it produces an error

    It would be nice if REM statements can always be added to the same line as code at the end if the code


    END IF REM IF I>10

    I like this as when I have too many things nested and have something wrong, it can sometimes get confusing trying to see if I have all on my end if, or if I did them right….

    Some code allow plain NEXT and i like putting NEXT I because it helps me make sure I’m doing those right too… :)


    Would be better if it would function like BUTTON

    Rather then being able to immediately force a GOTO regardless where the program may be currently processing code, it would be nice to be able to control when and where in the code it gets checked… like BUTTON does


    This is because if layers are critical to the game being able to jump with GOTO from any random part of the code throws a giant monkey wrench in how the game works, making using the PAUSE button rather unusable …

  7. It was made like this because iOS’ game controller support works different for the pause button, too, you cannot simply check the current status of it. But I’m planning both ON PAUSE GOTO and ON PAUSE GOSUB for the coming “LowRes NX”. With GOSUB you’ll be able to control better you program flow.

  8. Ah…

    So, ON PAUSE GOSUB sound very interesting…

    So, at the point of the code it gets interrupted from, it GOSUB’s back to that point?

    I’m curious if it will let one line finish, or might there be times it breaks from the middle of the line….

    Anyway, If you can get that GOSUB working predictably, that would,be super awesome… thanks much !!! :D

  9. Hay I was thinking iT would be Nice to be able to use // insted of rem And maybe make iT change to red Colord text If possible thx :)

    1. In classic BASIC there was ‘ as an alternative to REM. I will add this for LowRes NX. Syntax highlighting in the editor is a thing I would like to do, but it has low priority at the moment.

  10. ‘ that will look nice while reading thru code :)

    REM cleans up the screen a lot

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