Roadmap and Feedback

Coming in version 6.2

Ideas for later versions

  • New community view: highlights (selection of must have programs)
  • User interface update for faster access to community screens
  • Multiplayer (two game controllers on screen)
  • Programming: TAP keyword (as for BUTTON) for UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT
  • Something completely new…

If you have ideas which are not in the list yet, write them in the comments!

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can we have a higher resolution and more colors?

Apart from the retro style, the idea of LowRes Coder is to keep things simple and to motivate people to build something. Everybody can paint a space ship in 8×8 pixels and a few colors! There isn’t a lot you can do wrong, and image tools can be really simple (and even made with LowRes Coder).
So imagine we had 32×32-pixel sprites with 256 colors. You may need Photoshop now and you actually have to know illustrating. Also with high resolutions and more colors the amount of data increases a lot. Having that in the source code (DATA lines) can be annoying, so we might want a file system and support for different file formats. Things are getting more complex now! And this is what I want to avoid.

For who is LowRes Coder?

If you want to develop a game with modern features and you want to publish it on the App Store, then you should go for Xcode or one of the existing game engine SDKs. LowRes Coder is not meant to be a serious software development tool.
Let’s call it a software development toy! If you simply enjoy programming small games and want to share your creations with a nice community, then LowRes Coder might be the right thing for you!
Maybe you never programmed before, LowRes Coder can be a simple introduction into the basics of game development. Or if you are a professional programmer, forget about frameworks and design patterns and simply enjoy hacking like in the 80’s!

I forgot my password. I want to delete my account. Etc.

Please send an e-mail to me (support inutilis com) and I will handle it.

36 thoughts on “Roadmap and Feedback”

  1. We need more gamepads! You should have just 1 parameter to not stuff up old games but have more numbers; GAMEPAD 0 would be off and GAMEPAD 1 would be a d-pad and two buttons, but there’d also be GAMEPAD 2, which would be two d-pads, one on each side, GAMEPAD 3 would be four buttons, two on each side, and GAMEPAD 4 would be a d-pad and two buttons on each side for two players! Please add this!

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