Leaving Chaos 1.0

By Satur

Hello everyone!

In this game you have to pilot 1 of 2 harvest spaceships to collect red serpent energy, that are always in asteroid fields, that once were planets before there destruction, the cause of the destruction of the planets is not known, the story doesn’t tell us.

I hope you like it!

I want to give thanks to was8bit for the math that made possible scrolling the stars were I wanted :)

Thanks also to LowRes Coder (Timo) for is programs in the example paste, also the lowfi composer program were I made the music for the game and the code in Play Song program that reads the music data, by the way nice beat you have already there :)

Also thanks to Mitchell Barnstable because I borrowed is code that reads in game the story data, I hope it’s fine with you :)

All the help and constructive criticism are welcome!

To pilot the spaceships you have to press always the A or B button for the respective ship.


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