Breakout 24: A Microgame

By Ogion

An implementation of Breakout, in 24 lines. Can you score a perfect 315? You only get one ball!

History of Breakout:

You can make it harder or easier by changing the amount of time between screen refreshes:
WAIT 0.05
WAIT 0.1 (Easier)
WAIT 0.03 (Harder)

Or by changing the responsiveness of the paddle:
PX = PX MOD 64 + 2 * LEFT(0) – 2 * RIGHT(0)
PX = PX MOD 64 + 3 * LEFT(0) – 3 * RIGHT(0) (Easier)
PX = PX MOD 64 + LEFT(0) – RIGHT(0) (Harder)

You can change the number of blank rows (“A”) and the color of each (“B”= color 1 .. “P” = color 15):

That FOR loop is crazy. It’s designed to, as a side effect, not require initializing B for the ball. Otherwise the game would have taken 25 lines!!

Have fun!

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