Lowres Plants Vs Zombies (Alpha 1)

By The Emerald Derp Leader

My first major project on LowRes. (Description and controls are below).

Change log:
A1: plant selection menu, sun return, grassy lane music, tertiary colors, newspaper zombie
I7: plants can give effects with the new effect array, zombies can have specials abilities (only jump for now), wave system is revamped and so much better, wave bar to show progress, 3 new plants and 2 new zombies.
I6: aesthetics and other features update
I5: pause and intro update
I4: wave update
I3: sun update
I2: zombie update
I1: realease

During game:
Use The control pad to move your selection around, use B to switch from plant select and tile select, and A to place plants. Hover over sun to collect it.
Packet chooser:
Use control pad to move your selection. Press a or b to choose the one you want to swap. Press a to confirm or b to cancel

I’m making the game easily mod-able, all you have to do is edit the variables at the bottom of the program’s code. I’ll try to put many remarks explaining how the game works, but I will make a new in-game menu for that later. If you want to learn about the programming behind the game feel free to ask.

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