(PG 23) Level 7, Intro, & MORE

By TooFly

+ Level 7 added! Probably the most difficult level so far.
+ Level 4 & 5 were swapped due to difficulty
+ Intro added! Do you like it?
+ Press pause on level screen to return to main menu, press b to return to previous level
+ Level Select is now locked until you complete all of the levels!
+ If you are impatient and don’t want to play all of the levels again, use code “UNLOCK” (make sure you press A to enter it!) to unlock all levels.
+ In Extras, if you want to remove all effects from codes that you entered, simply press CLEAR CHEATS (this will set you back to Level 1!!!)
+ Other bug fixes & small additions that aren’t that important…

This is probably my biggest update ever, so please give feedback/suggestions/bug reports! I’m one level away from being done with PG (at least on LowRes) so this may be the last time for ideas to be put into the game.

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