Arrow Attack v0.6

By TooFly

The only thing that I added in this update was blue arrows, but they were very hard to add in! I had to add a bunch of variables and change some of the things that I coded previously, but blue arrows are finally in the game! To stop the blue arrows, you have to press B and then press the corresponding arrow. To stop the red arrows, you have to press A and then press the corresponding arrow.

In the next update, I am going to make it so that you do not have to hold the buttons in order to play. To do this I will have to make the arrow spawning timer, the move timer, and the loop timer. I will probably just make a variable that prevents these actions from happening until the variable is a certain number, although this may not be the most effective way to do that.

Suggestions/Things to Add:
+ Lives
+ ‘Hard’ Game Mode
+ Main Menu (Should be very easy to implement)
+ Custom Icons? (Feel free to send in sprite data for me to add!)

If you guys have any suggestions/fixes for my program, feel free to comment!

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