LowRes Splatoon Indev 1

By The Emerald Derp Leader

Another project I’m working on because PvZ got boring and hard (I hate creating menus). Splatoon is a third person shooter where your weapons make ink on the ground which makes you move faster and other benefits.

Use the game pad to move around
Use A to fire, you move slower when you fire
Use B to become switch from squid to inkling

In squid form you cannot attack, but you will move faster when in ink. If you are in squid form but not in ink, you will move very slow.

Walking on other ink colors reduces movement and prevents squid form

This program uses imported alien technology,
we (The Emerald Derp Leader’s Favorite
Games inc.) cannot guarantee your farm
animals safety from using this technology.

I1: circle technology and enemy ink.
IDK: player and ink… pretty much it.

Wow, you read to the bottom of the description. For doing this, I will share with you a secret technique. What you have to do is type in the word “waluigi”, for your answer as to whether or not use default settings or when asked to set your ink color. Once this is done, press up and b at the same time and your ink color will change!

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