Racer Thing 2+: Now With Better Editor

By The Emerald Derp Leader

Play is the same as before except two new debug texts for your x and y velocity, and you can press pause to return to the menu. Also, pressing B in the menu will switch the debug stuff
Now for the build mode…

I have no in-game instructions for build mode so I will list the instructions here:

Use pause button to switch between select and build
Select mode: press a to move or b to resize. Use left and right to change selection
Create mode: press a to create a new wall or b to exit
Move, resize, or wall make: use arrows to move, a to confirm, b to cancel.

Disclaimer: My code doesn’t fully prevent tunneling (I’m not sure why), but it only has tunneling when moving at a specific corner of walls. If you don’t know why this disclaimer is here it is because I made the first version as an attempt to prevent tunneling.

Second disclaimer: “The Emerald Derp Leaders Favorite Games”, does not apply to all games made by…it,them,the company? Idk, just don’t take the…thing in question’s, name seriously.

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