Split Second V0.3

By Jacx

This is the first pre-version of the Split Second handheld electronic game toy emulator. It includes the first game “Mad Maze” in its three versions. Work still in progress.

“A” button is game select
“B” button to start game

Game 1: Mad Maze…”Visible”
Game 2: Mad Maze…”Preview”
Game 3: Mad Maze…”Invisible”
Game 4: Space Attack…”Beginner”
Game 5: Space Attack…”Pro”
Game 6: Auto Cross
Game 7: Stomp
Game 8: Speedball

Only games 1, 2 and 3 are implemented yet.

Mad Maze:
Make your way through the maze into the goal 10 times in the least amount of time. Your time will be displayed at the end.

Press Down for score of last game played.
Press Up for high score.

Press A to restart the same game with the same 10 mazes and (let someone else) compete against the best time. If you press B (game select) then the game will be reset with new mazes and the best time is cleared.

Have fun and check out the original for comparison:

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