Space Trek – Drone Wars

By was8bit

Full game :)

>>>> INTRO <<<<
After intensive struggle thru the training, you’ve finally arrived at your senior level pilot test… a very difficult test few succeed at… but you are confident you can pass brilliantly!!!

The test takes place inside a created micro-universe with just you and drones… each round consists of 15 drones which you must track and destroy… you shoot them with a single star blast… they shoot back randomly with phase pulses… if you get hit once with one of a drones phase pulse, the test is immediately over (although you may retry and improve your rank)

~~~~ NOTICE ~~~~
– Color intensive and dependent
– Difficulty increases quickly

::::: RULES :::::
UP/DOWN = slow acceleration forward/backward
UP/DOWN+(B) = very fast acceleration f/b
LEFT/RIGHT = steer CCW/CW (angular directions)
PAUSE = can reset top level back down to zero (0)
………….. (note, all previous progress is forever gone)

$$$$ TIPS $$$$
1) In this micro universe, you can quickly reach the edge…. if you attempt to fly off the edge, you are warped to the other side… drones can also warp around, but your star blasts and the drones phase pulses do NOT warp around the edges.

2) As you get closer to a drone, you are more in danger of getting hit by their phase pulses… always be ready with a fast backward retreat as you approach a drone for a strike… you might find yourself racing backwards to avoid getting hit by a phase pulse!!

3) You have limited scanning ability to see distant drones…these appear as smaller blips, which are more easily seen as you move quickly… BUT, be aware that the scanners cannot pick up nearby drones. So if you approach a blip, and it disappears, it’s likely because the drone is very close.

Sometimes, if the drone is close to the edge, it may disappear from your scanners because the drone has warped to the other side.

4) Phase pulses get larger as they travel, making them more dangerous the farther they travel, so beware of them at all times.

You can use this info to your advantage …. if a phase pulse passes by you, notice it’s size and direction of travel… this will indicate which direction and how far away the drone is.

!!!! RANKING !!!!
Level 1 = Squatter… you can drive Star trash carriers
Level 3 = Chatter … you can drive Star food transports
Level 5 = Yacker … you can drive Star tour pods
Level 7 = Watcher … you can drive Science ships studying things
Level 9 = Sitter … you can drive Defense posts into position
Level 12 = Runner … you can drive Supply ships anywhere needed
Level 15 = Fighter … you can drive fully powered Starships

… the bad news… this game can get hard quick
… the good news… you can keep trying as often as you wish

… good luck little pony, and may the horse be with you ;)

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