MineSweeper 1.0

By Ultra Shards


– Controls
Button A – Open Box (dot)
Button B – Place Flag
Arrow Keys – Move Cursor

– Spaces
Number 0-8 – Mines around (Safe)
Letter P – Flag
Period / Dot – Unopened box.
Star (*) – Cursor

How to play:

Move your cursor around the screen (cursor is a star *) and randomly click on a dot (Button A). There are randomly placed mines under a certain amount of boxes (dots)… The difficulty level is the number of mines.

If you click on the box and it turns into a number, then this is what it means (you have to move your cursor to see the number): The number that it shows is the number of mines in the eight surrounding dots. For example, if you click on a dot in the middle of the screen and it is a 1, that means that there is exactly one mine in the eight adjacent dots. Remember, EXACTLY one. If you already figure out which one is a mine, you can click on all of the dots that are not that mine because the one is already satisfied.

If you know where a mine might be, press B to flag it. If you open a box with a mine in it, you lose

To win, you have to have all of the boxes either opened or flagged. If you flag something that isn’t a mine, you lose accuracy.


This game isn’t actually very complicated… It might be when you look at the code, but it isn’t as complicated as it seems. This game is one of my games that I feel you can play over and over again without getting bored.

Note that only game mode one works right now and that this game is timed.

For more info., look Minesweeper up on Google or Wiki.

Have Fun!

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