Lowres Plants Vs Zombies (indev 5)

By The Emerald Derp Leader

My first major project on LowRes. (Description below)
Note: I’ve changed the release cycle for more features in between versions

Change log:
I5: random sun spawns, start and pause menu, on death attack style (2), and selection UI (at top right during game)
I4: new wave system(no visuals besides a debug thing) that takes into account zombie cost and difficulty
I3: sunflowers make sun! Sun made is just the damage variable. To make a sun plant set attack style to 1.
I2: now there are zombies that eat plants and can be killed
I1: realease

Use The control pad to move your selection around, use B to switch from plant select and tile select, and A to place plants. Hover over sun to collect it.

The yellow on white text at the top right is your sun, which increases once every loop. The top text in the yellow box is the delta time since last loop. The bottom text is the loop rate

I’m making the game easily mod-able, all you have to do is edit the variables at the bottom of the program’s code. I’ll try to put many remarks explaining how the game works, but I will make a new menu for that later.

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