Galaxy Warriors(1)

By Tinycloud77

This is a game I’ll be working on, in this game you explore planets to find items and sell them for money to buy upgrades and other things.

How to play:
Your goal is to explore the galaxy going on adventures and upgrading your ship.

To go in a planet I suggest you to go below it, line it up with the center of the planet then go inside it. It’s hard to enter because I made it that it that your X and Y has to be the same as the planet so it takes time to get used to it.

In a planet press A to mine and Press B to see the menu in the menu inside a planet press B to exit the planet and Press A to leave the menu and keep exploring the planet

In the base sell the ores for money and buy upgrades.

That’s all the things the game has right now, I’ll keep adding things later. Ok thanks for reading

Hope you like it
See ya :)

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