“Based on an unoriginal idea based on some arcade game.”

Since a few days ago, you are a scientist working for a secret government agency. You have been directed to an under-ground facility next to a city, to research a strange egg-like organism found in the middle of nowhere. So far, the agency’s other scientists have speculated it came from another planet, and they discovered that exposing the regenerative fluid inside the egg to oxygen forms highly-energetic purple clumps. “Maybe it was eaten by a predator. Easy energy,” you think. One made from all of the fluid could even power a new work-in-progress laser-turret, because one shot would usually black-out the nearby city. So, at the end of your first day, you start heading towards the exit a bit earlier than your co-workers, when the ground below you starts shaking… Suddenly, blue alien worms with an exposed “eye” sprout up beside you! They’re about the width of 2 people side-by-side, but they seem very long. You quickly go up the elevator to the second floor, having a clear view of the worms and see where they’re headed; right towards the egg! They seem to be from the same planet. You rush to a nearby armoury and grab a sniper rifle, a weapon you were trained to use in case of an emergency. You quickly shoot one in the body, but they seem to be armoured there. Fortunately, shooting one in the eye kills the top part, but it simply re-grows the part it lost. You need to defend everyone for as long as possible until they figure out what to do… if they aren’t dead yet…

A: Shoot/Select
B: Accelerate scope movement
PAUSE: View stats

This game took me a long time to make, it’s my best so far; quite a few hidden features and an easter-egg or two, so feel free to post tips for other players in the comments (also post any bugs so I can post updated versions)! I hope you all enjoy it!

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