PET ROYALE by 64_Tesseract

By 64_Tesseract

My first game in a long, long time… Guess who’s back!!! :D

This was only supposed to take a couple weeks as a “small project”, but as you can see I got a *little bit* carried away…

But damn, it feels good to finally put something out here!

So I wanted to make a game someone would actually play, something fun, addictive, and expandable, so I ended up putting together the two most popular games, and came up with this thing! It’s a bit of a mix of Fortnite and Pokemon (or just a *reaalllyy* sped up version of the latter). There’s no evolution, or items, just your pet and its two abilities. Unfortunately I put in a bit less strategy than I wanted, basically the different types of pets are slightly more effective against a certain type and less against their own, but nevertheless it’s a really fun game.

You can create your own pets and animations. It’s a super-simple art format (just a table of colours) so you don’t really have to create any editors, though I can post one if people ask for it. There’s also a bit of instructions at the bottom of the code (second last scroll marker), so you can get creative and post your own creatures!

The goal is to eliminate as many opposing pets as you possibly can and hope you don’t get one-shot by a freak of the RND function. After you get their health to 0, you can decide to either upgrade your pet’s health and damage by around 0.1, or switch them if the opponent is significantly stronger than your pet. Oh, and if your pet gets eaten by someone else’s, I made a short story generator to tell what happens to your pet afterwards. Have fun and good luck!!!

P.S. Oh, and if you figure out the debug password, pls don’t post it… Cheating kinda ruins the fun of the actual game.

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