CCCCCCC Solitaire

By was8bit

STORY: You are on a journey to discover a vast treasure… along the way there are plenty of opportunities to.. um.. not survive.. this isn’t an easy journey, it will be very difficult. BUT try to get as close to the treasure as you can.. who knows, you might get lucky and win :)

You play thru the story line by playing the game…

RULES: remove available cards from the table by matching or near matching the top discard pile… removed cards are placed on top of the discard pile… cards are revealed when they are no longer blocked by cards in front of them. You may only remove available cards that your launch fire can reach.

L/R to aim and (A) to launch fire
(B) to random draw a new top discard to play with

SCORE: or points measure your progress.. firing and drawing cards with the (A)(B) button cost you points. Matches get you points, the brighter the blue the more the points, dark blue get few or no points but still can remove cards. Points carry over and each new game gives you a few more points..

FAILURE is when your points go negative. If you find yourself with a score of zero and know you can’t win, go ahead and fire anyway to get it over with… You may get another chance to play on…

SUCCESS is when you clear the table of all dealt cards…

As you succeed or fail each game, you move forward or reverse within the chapters available scenarios…

If you fail a chapter, the game ends. If you succeed a chapter, you get to go on to the next chapter of the story. You win by succeeding all chapters of the story :)

Reach the end of the story by finding the lost treasure :)

… good luck :)

HINT: if you can guess the secret name above, then you will know the game app I am getting my inspiration from ;)

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