Lowres Forest V2.2

By UxoZii

New version, new changes :

+ Added icons for hunger, hp, and day/night
+ Added apples and saplings (They both drop randomly from trees)
+ Added seeds (They drop randomly when you break grass, with a shovel or hoe)
+ You can plant seeds now! Press B with seeds as your selected item on fertilized dirt to plant them. They grow everytime you fall asleep. If you want to grow them faster, you can skip days with the bed now. Harvest your ready crops by walking on them.
+ You can eat, only apples for now. Press B with an apple selected to eat it. No animation yet.
• Bed changes : Now whenever you wake up it’s always 6 AM
• When it’s 3 AM, you’re too tired and fall asleep on the ground. You lose some hp because of that. Make sure to craft a bed!
• Timing changes : Night ends at 6 AM
• More bugfixes (thanks awesomnesspeanut for reporting them)

Coming probably soon:
– Mining ores
– Shop (+ Money)
– NPCs
– Bread, or something else to make wheat useful.

As always, help and ideas are welcome and appreciated.


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