Paddle Battle – Neon Flash

By was8bit

Full game \(^_^)/


Game consists of 4 quarters with 130 seconds each
At quarter end, game is halted and scores/bonuses given

If you last touch a ball, it has your color and can now earn you points and bonuses for you.

If your ball passes thru the silver ring in the center (when its white) you will get 10 bonus points at quarter end

If your ball hits another player’s target, you take away points from them, as shown in the middle of the screen

If any ball hits your target, you lose the points

Also, your score can go negative, and at each end of quarter you receive +/- 20% your score depending on if your score is +/-

Winners get tallied in the winners scoreboard at game end… you, the player, are always red… so try to get more wins than the computer players

(Inside hint: green can actually be kinda controlled as half the time it tries to match your paddle position, so sometimes you can make it miss the ball using this trick)

(On rare occasions the ball gets too wild, and the referee will reset the ball in the middle… no one scores when this happens)


(L)(R) moves your paddle left or right, slowly
To move quickly, hold or tap the (B) button

By default the Ball will bounce off the back side of your paddle. To allow the ball to shot thru your paddle from behind, hold the (A) button to launch it forward thru your paddle

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