2d Platformer Map Editor

By Mrlegoboy

Allows you to make new maps for 2d platformers.

There are 2 modes:

Mode 0: OBJect placement mode
Allows you to easily place new objects
IMPORTANT: no BLOCK may have more than 31 OBJects in it or an overflow will occur!
Controls: hold B and press up and down to change the object you want to place. Pressing a will place the object in the highlighted BLOCK. Pressing a and b at the same time will change to mode 1

Mode 1:
This mode is important as it allows you to delete objects, change the drawing order, and place objects outside of the edge of its own block.
Controls: hold B and press up down to select a different object. Hold B and press right to delete the last object, Hold B and press left to make the selected object the last object.

Hold A and use arrows to move focus to a different block

Dont hold any button and use arrow keys to move the selected OBJect around.

Pressing a and b at the same time puts you back in mode 0

Currently only supports monochrome images and isnt easily implemented with Advanced graphic editor

Get LowRes Coder to use this program.

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