Star Defense v0.4

By LRCFresh

v0.4 Update!

~ Don’t let the Asteroids reach Earth! ~
Gamepad to move spaceship
‘A’ or ‘B’ button to fire

What’s new in v0.4
– INTERGALACTIC DEFENSE SYSTEM // All new mode! Gain enough points on Earth to unlock and protect the next generation of the Human Race!
– Improved reset screen, more options
– STATS! See how many points you’ve racked up!
– lazy graphics… sorry, y’all. it’s a lot more painstaking to code graphics on a larger scale.
– New main menu music! Not much different, but definitely sounds cooler :p

To-do list for v0.5:
Small updates.
– fix for IDS score not updating until program restart
– better IDS graphics
– improved looks

As for the future…
School started for me today, so I won’t have a lot of time to code like i normally do. I’ll do as much as I can, but I’m not entirely sure how much that is. I’ll probably have more free time on weekends, so that will most likely be the areas of most improvement, but we will see how much schoolwork I get.

As for the BIG future…
Maybe I have a few new ideas being cooked up… We’ll see how that goes ;)

Thanks for downloading!
Hope you like it!
– Fresh

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