Randomized “Mario” Game 0.51

By was8bit

Seed code randomized generator
Randomized background generation
Coordination and control of player ymovement and background scroll

Added small intro sound
Added jump – with sound effect and touch sensitive
… (A) button, quick tap = small jump, hold a second = high jump

Added recognition AI for solid ground blocks
Adjusted movement for jumping and falling thru the air
AI sensor red dots left in this version to show which points are being checked

Fixed jump bug… left testing number to show how i test things…
Code is kinda messy and needs cleaned up…

Added floaty blocks…
“?” are currently only coins
Can collect coins from “?” blocks :)
Added total coins collected up top
… doubled the game speed

Tweaked all sounds so they perform better

Added enemies… needs tweaking though…

Redid coins, they work better now
Fixed Mario getting lost at the top of screen

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