Match It Challenge – Wise Cookie

By was8bit

Full game:

(arrows) moves selector
(A) selects

MATCH to clear (Text+Color must both match)

(B) Cheat: tries to find match (
(PAUSE) new game with new cookie

Game will automatically be saved when you exit so you can come back and finish later. Will only reset to a new game with (PAUSE), even when you clear all tiles, game will not reset on its own.

After clearing the screen, you receive your wisdom cookie, a saying based on a haiku (6 total)

During partial clearing of screen, cookie below will show thru as text with changing colors… you cannot select cookie, only for reading ;)

Game starts off with showing some tiles, and as you clear tiles it will show more tiles, as a help for you…

If you incorrectly select a pair and one was previously shown, it will hide again… so be careful

I recommend holding the (B) button down as you look for matches so the computer helps you look for matches while you look too :)

Try turning over same color tiles for awhile as it’s easier to remember text if they are all the same color…

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