Mission Impossible : Can’t Stop!

By was8bit

CAREFULLY watch what buttons to push..

GREEN = + points … if you miss you get no points… the longer you wait the fewer points you can get

RED = – points … the longer you wait the more points you will lose


Do NOT just hit buttons randomly, if you hit a button NOT shown, the mission is aborted and you immediately lose the game with NO SCORE

The top # is your score

The bottom number is the time left

Gameplay starts off slow, but very very quickly speeds up and finishes in insane speed…

My high score is 79 … what’s yours ?? :)

*** TIP ***

Do NOT hover your fingers above the buttons… you are gonna get booted out of the mission quickly for hitting the wrong button..

… instead, leave your fingers off to the sides, decide WHICH button to push, then move your finger over to hit that button…

… good luck…

… this message will self- destruct in 5 seconds….





Bee…… xxxx __________________

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