Lowres Forest V1.0

By UxoZii

Hey ! New version of Lowres Forest ! Let’s check out what’s new :

+ Menu title (Options and exit don’t work yet)
+ Tiles are solid, can’t go through solid objects
+ Mining !
+ Building !
+ Crafting !
+ Inventory !
• Press PAUSE to check your inventory, access the crafting page by pressing A, and toggle building and mining modes by pressing B. Press PAUSE again to exit the menu anytime.
• Hold B in mining mode while facing a tree or a rock to mine it ! (Trees and rocks have 5HP)
• Press B while in building mode to place a block ! (Can only place blocks on grass)
• Craft pickaxe upgrades to mine faster !
• Craft wooden blocks to place them !

That’s all. Here’s some notes :

To fix :

– The building is still buggy, some blocks won’t connect depending on which direction you’re facing.

Need to add in the future :

– Add some sounds and other things to let you know when you craft something.
– Better menus
– Better icons
– More tiles

I hope you enjoy !

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